Technology Under Siege

Transhumanism—the movement to upgrade human bodies and lives with technology—is being overrun by socialists and a politically correct culture devoid of risk and objectivity.

We must save our prosperous future. The fate of libertarians and fiscally conservative people rests in embracing transhumanism and becoming more open-minded to cultural and technological change—or the far-left will own the future, just like they already own the environmental movement.

Libertarians must embrace radical innovation in the human being and be the caretakers of humanity’s brave future.


Saving Liberty & Democracy With Innovation

America is getting beat by authoritarian China. Within years, we may not be the world leader anymore culturally, politically, or economically. We must save America’s moral, democratic, and entrepreneurial leadership in the world.

Specifically, we must win the AI, genetic editing, and neural prosthetics arms races, which will dominate innovation and economic prosperity in the 21st Century.

We don’t have a moment to lose or we will wake up in 10 years to an illiberal globe where China calls the shots.


UBI that Lowers Taxes & Cuts Government

Widespread automation is coming. Capitalism will be challenged to its core as inequality grows and human labor becomes obsolete with the rise of automation and software.

The Federal Land Dividend is the only bipartisan “universal basic income” that doesn’t raise taxes whatsoever. It monetizes America’s mostly unused 100+ trillion-dollar natural resources via leasing rights—and in return, promises to give every citizen a permanent monthly income of $1,000 a month.

The Federal Land Dividend will dramatically shrink government by helping to pay for everything from healthcare to college to welfare to general living expenses. It’s time to fully utilize our national resources for the common good of all Americans.

About Zoltan

"The physical embodiment of the
Californian, libertarian, start-up
culture tech-utopian dream."

Born in California, Zoltan Istvan is often cited as a global leader of the radical science movement. A humanitarian activist and former journalist for National Geographic, Istvan has traveled to over 100 countries, and has a degree in Philosophy and Religion from Columbia University. He has consulted for the US Navy and the Government of Dubai as a futurist, and given speeches at conferences around the world, including at the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and various Global Leader forums. He has written three books, bestselling The Transhumanist Wager, The Futureisist Cure, and his latest book of political essays which reached #1 in Politics on Amazon: Upgrading America.

He is a former director at wildlife organization WildAid, an endorsed 2018 libertarian California gubernatorial candidate, the original author of the Transhumanist Bill of Rights, and a frequently interviewed expert on AI, genetic editing, tech policy, and futurism. His science, technology, and libertarian activism has reached over 100 million people.

A successful self-made entrepreneur with multiple businesses, Zoltan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his physician wife and two young daughters. He is excited to be running as a libertarian Vice Presidential candidate in the 2020 Libertarian Party race.

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