Transhumanism—the movement to upgrade human bodies and lives with technology—is being overrun by socialists and a politically correct culture devoid of risk and objectivity. We must save our prosperous future.

The fate of fiscally conservative Republicans rests in embracing transhumanism and become more open-minded to cultural and technological change—or the far-left will own the future, just like they already own the environmental movement.

The GOP must embrace radical innovation in the human being and be the caretakers of humanity’s brave future.

America is getting beat by authoritarian China. Within years, we may not be the world leader anymore culturally, politically, or economically. We must save America’s moral, democratic, and entrepreneurial leadership in the world.

Specifically, we must win the AI, genetic editing, and neural prosthetics arms races, which will dominate innovation and economic prosperity in the 21st Century.

We don’t have a moment to lose or we will wake up in 10 years to an illiberal globe where China calls the shots.

Widespread automation is coming. Capitalism will be challenged to its core as inequality grows and human labor becomes obsolete with the rise of automation and software.

The Federal Land Dividend is the only bipartisan “universal basic income” that doesn’t raise taxes whatsoever. It monetizes America’s mostly unused 100+ trillion-dollar natural resources via leasing rights—and in return, promises to give every citizen a permanent monthly income of $1,000 a month.

The tax free Federal Land Dividend will dramatically shrink government by helping to pay for everything from healthcare to college to welfare to general living expenses. It’s time to fully utilize our national resources for the common good of all Americans. We shouldn’t have millions of Americans going to be bed hungry and living on the streets when we have trillions of dollars in natural resources readily available to be monetized.


  • I believe science and technology can solve the majority of the world’s problems.

  • I believe the Scientific Method is a better way to solve political issues than historical precedents, religion, ethnicity, party politics, constitutional analysis, or any other mode of decision-making.

  • I believe deeply in reason and objectivity, and I think America would be made stronger and smarter by embracing these core values.


  • Improve the Constitution

Improve the Constitution to Accommodate Technological, Cultural, and Demographic Changes

I would advocate for improving the Constitution to make it more malleable and ready to adjust every few years to radically changing times and accelerating technology.

An Improved Constitution should:

  • Institute a tax free Basic Income utilizing our vast natural resources and Federal lands that aims to permanently eliminate poverty, homelessness, and hunger in America.
  • Introduce a fourth branch of government that would be based on the concept of Direct Digital Democracy—the idea that citizens can vote on policies in real-time using new technologies that the other three branches of government must legally consider.
  • Create permanent language that assures the government will regularly use resources to protect the country and planet from existential risks, such as asteroids, plagues, climate change, nuclear risk, AI innovation, etc.
  • Add a Balanced Budget Amendment to control runaway deficit
  • Protect morphological freedom in adults (the right to do anything to your body so long as it doesn’t harm others). In the coming transhumanist age, the goverrnment should not be able to limit what we can do to our bodies, regardless of cultural norm, religious bias, or political orientation.
  • Declare aging and all disease to be eradicated as the national health mission of the United States.
  • Implement ranked voting on a federal level, as well as term limits throughout government
  • Create legal mechanisms to more easily and speedily adjust the Constitution to radically changing times and accelerating technology
  • IRS and Cutting Taxes

End the IRS. Phase Out the Income Tax with a National Sales Tax

  • As automation and robots take more and more jobs, they will eventually be able to do most of the work that taxes pay for now.
  • It is time to begin the long-term dismantling of the IRS with a policy that phases out of all individual taxes. As part of the transition, I would advocate for a national sales tax and aim for a U.S. tax code that is less than five pages long—not the 76,000 pages that the IRS has now.
  • Instead of a Wealth Tax like many Democrats are proposing on the super rich, I would personally encourage billionaires to commit and follow through on the Giving Pledge, where ultra rich individuals pledge to give back to society much of their wealth. This pledge originally created by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffet has been a great success so far for the world. I would be willing to create reciprocal tax advantages as well as award the Presidential Medal of Freedom for those who follow through on the Giving Pledge.
  • End the Drug War

End the Drug War, Offer Reparations to Victims of the Government’s Excesses, and Legalize all Drugs

  • End the drug war and legalize all drugs. Spend saved money on rehabilitation. Empty prisons of nonviolent drug offenders.
  • Provide reparations for victims of the government’s drug war against minor drug offenders. Offer reparations through tax credits paid with the savings from prison costs.
  • Abortion and a Third Choice

Abortion and a Third Choice: Artificial Wombs

  • There are approximately 50 million abortions worldwide a year. Use government funds and offer private companies incentives to help develop the artificial womb. Artificial wombs for certain preemies will likely already be in use in the US by 2020 or 2021, but more funding and leadership is needed to greatly expand this unique technology which will forever change the abortion debate.
  • Protect Humankind from Existential Risk

Protect Humankind from Existential Risk

  • Create stronger government awareness and policies to protect against existential risk (including artificial intelligence, plagues, asteroids, climate change, and nuclear warfare and disaster).
  • Because space exploration involves defending against existential risk, pursuing medical innovation for citizens, and fulfilling humanity’s honorable desire to explore, I’d advocate for the U.S. to put dramatically more resources into space exploration with both government and private resources. Using funds from the military budget, I would triple the space budget, and offer myriad incentives to work with private companies.
  • I would also prioritize the building of safe AI that emphasizes cybersecurity.
  • Global partnerships will be critical in dismantling nuclear weapons before AI learns how to use them.
  • Reduce Government Via Tech

Downsize Government with Radical Technology

  • Use radical technology to reduce the size and cost of government. Replace millions of government jobs by robots, AI, and new tech.
  • Advocate for using blockchain tech in government, which will further streamline federal services (real estate transactions, marriage certificates, taxes, etc.)
  • Create a federal cryptocurrency
  • Diversity of Leadership

Promote Diversity in Government Leadership

  • Our government does not reflect the diversity of the American people.
  • The government should not be dominated by white male lawyers when lawyers represent no more than a few percent of the country’s working population.
  • Campaign finance reforms should encourage more women and minorities to run for office, as well as the non-religious, who are growing and already represent 15 percent of the population
  • Criminal Justice Reform

Criminal Justice Reform

  • Significantly lessen the massive incarcerated population in America by using innovative technologies to monitor nonviolent criminals outside of prison.
  • End private prisons, using the remaining real estate for public universities.
  • Establish a commission to research how to make the death penalty obsolete. Explore options such as giving criminals the choice of cerebral reconditioning rather than execution.
  • Encourage private industry to develop and support usage of trauma alert technology, AI facial recognition and other recognition technology can notifiy emergency crews of extreme trauma in real-time. This will significantly reduce the millions of yearly cases of domestic violence, crime, medical emergencies, and tragedy in America.
  • Encourage victims of sexual harassment to immediately report accusations with government authorities.
  • Create a Universal Basic Income Off Leasing Federal Land

Create a Tax Free Universal Basic Income off Leasing Federal Land

  • Widespread automation is coming. Capitalism will be challenged to its core as inequality grows and human labor becomes obsolete with the rise of automation and software. The Federal Land Dividend is the only bipartisan “universal basic income” that doesn’t raise taxes whatsoever.
  • It monetizes America’s mostly unused 150+ trillion-dollar natural resources via leasing rights—and in return, promises to give every citizen a permanent monthly income of $1,000 a month. This plan does not in any way touch national parks or other popular Federal land destinations.
  • The tax free Federal Land Dividend will dramatically shrink government by helping to pay for everything from healthcare to college to welfare to general living expenses. It’s time to fully utilize our national resources for the common good of all Americans.
  • Fixing the Environment with Radical Tech

Fixing the Environment and Dealing with Climate Change

  • A bright green future rests with disruptive tech. The most efficient way to address our environmental dilemmas, such as global warming (which I believe is occurring), is via technological innovation—not attempting to reverse our carbon footprint or go totally green. Strongly emphasize and create radical green tech solutions—like geo-engineering, nanotechnology, and green energy—to make the planet healthier. Also support genetic editing techniques to help replenish endangered wildlife populations and dwindling forests.  Trees may be able to be engineered to grow 5-10 times faster in the near future, helping the planet’s greenhouse issues.
    • Democracy Worldwide

    Encourage Democracy All Over the World

    • Spread Democracy worldwide by facilitating greater economic and friendly cooperation between  international governments.
    • Isolate undemocratic or authoriatiarn governments that refuse to promote democracy and transparency in politics
    • Develop international consortia to create a Transhumanist Federation, under which transhumanist goals like a Cyborg Olympics and other agencies and projects can be formed.
    • Encourage and help fund massive seasteading, space station projects, and virtual nations where all flavors of people, economic experimentation (crypto), and radical science can abound.
    • Healthcare

    Improving Healthcare

    • The tax free Federal Land Dividend basic income will provide enough money for all people to afford private insurance.
    • Reduce price gouging on drugs and obscene rates for healthcare. Stop lawyers from meddling with the medical industry and causing such excess rates.
    • Provide significant tax and other financial incentives to those who stay fit, healthy, and exercise regularly.
    • Using tax free money from the Federal Land Dividend, offer assistance to severly ill citizens to avoid and eliminate medical bankruptcy.
    • Develop and spread science and technology to eliminate all disabilities in humans who have them. Improve the disability laws to encourage the adoption of these innovations.
    • Streamline existing FDA function dramatically and reduce regulatory hurdles and timeframes for drugs and medical device creators. Facilitate the creation of experimental medicines to those severely ill with little testing required.
    • Prohibit laws interfering with citizens’ pursuit of health and longevity. These include bans on genetic editing, cloning, and other radical science
    • Education


    • It’s in America’s best interest that everyone is educated and everyone has as much opportunity as possible. It’s been proven again and again in studies that youth that go to preschool and college are more prosperous than those who do not. Therefore, as President, I will ensure our country provides free public education at every level, and encourages everyone to attend higher education. I will pay for all this by emptying prisons of nonviolent drug offenders which will save billions of dollars countrywide.
    • Offer school choice to all ages using vouchers.
    • Immigration

    Immigration: Nearly Open Borders

    • I advocate for nearly open borders, followed by a far more fair and efficient immigration policy. I aim to significantly grow America’s population by immigration to compete against a much larger China.
    • All immigrants would be on a probationary period for the first three years after they enter the country before being granted citizenship. Some government-issued technology may be used to track them and their doings. All immigrants must leave a $1,000 security deposit in order to get into the country. This is returned to them (with average interest) after three years of integrating into the system without using the resources of the state or causing criminal issues. The $1,000 will be spent to deport violators who break immigration laws.
    • I would provide border patrol with loud, bilingual night-vision drones to monitor our borders. A virtual wall will also secure the U.S.-Mexico border. Facial recognition software could see if immigrants are on criminal lists. Immigrants can only cross borders in designated areas.
    • Immigrants must be proficient in basic English and respect American customs.
    • Reduce the Military-Industrial Complex with a Science-Industrial Complex

    Replace the Military-Industrial Complex with a Science-Industrial Complex

    • Reduce the size of the military-industrial complex to free up funds for a scientific and educational industrial complex in America. Spend more money on fighting cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, rather than on wars and conflicts in far-off countries.
    • A smaller military could be equally if not more effective by phasing out human soldiering and becoming near totally reliant on robots, drones, and other tech.
    • Stop Gun Violence and Terrorism with New Tech

    Gun Violence and Terrorism

    • Stop mass shootings and terrorism with drones, robots, AI scanners, and other technology.
    • Install in public places terrorism-deterrent drones, scanners, robots, and technology where criminals are caught before they can carry out their harm. This plan will protect gun owners while protecting those who are afraid or dislike guns.
    • Electoral Reform

    Electoral Reform

    • Limit lobbyist power
    • Implement term limits throughout government.
    • Implement ranked voting on a federal level.
    • Incentivize 3rd party participation in government. Conduct formal objective government polls to make sure third-party candidates get polled regularly so they don’t spend all their campaigning time and resources trying to establish name recognition.
    • Mandate real-time public surveillance of police and politicians, as well as greater transparency of government
    • Advocate for overturning Citizens United and let the states decide questions about the role of money in politics.
    • Family and Society

    Family and Society

    • Because millions of kids in America go to bed hungry and malnourished every night, and nearly a million children are abused every year in the US, Government will act with voluntary public and private trainig programs (including job incentives) to try to get all Americans to be better parents.  
    • For adults, protect rights of LGBTQ, digisexuality and other minority perspectives.
    • Offer to relocate homeless off streets into housing subsidized by the tax free Federal Land Dividend basic income. Offer government services to help homeless live productive lives.
    • Tort Reform and Preventing the Use of Law as a Weapon

    Tort Reform and Preventing the Use of Law as a Weapon

    America is lawsuit crazy. This is harming both small and big businesses, which remain an integral part of innovation and our economy. Congress and the President need to act to protect people from frivolous lawsuits.

    I specifically favor:

    • Sanctions for frivolous litigation based on the costs of responding to meritless claims
    • Limitations on state courts’ jurisdiction over out-of-state defendants
    • Greater restrictions and due process protections on class action lawsuits
    • Incentives to resolve disputes in alternatives to tort litigation such as arbitration
    • Codification of the “doctrine of assumption of risk” to limit liability for consumers’ risky choices.
    • Defend Transhumanism

     Defend Transhumanism from Socialist and Authoritarian Forces

    • Create long term policies that defend science and technology from being overrun by socialist and authoritarian forces. Deregulate science and technology innovation as much as possible.
    • Create incentives and cultural support for capitalism and laissez-faire markets to thrive.
    • Aim to create and embrace more scientists and entrepreneurial celebrities.
    • Lay the groundwork for civil rights for other future advanced sapient beings like AI, conscious robots, cyborgs, and genetically created sapients beings. The world is quickly changing and we must be ready for how what humanity create or even become.
    • Create a Longevity Peace Prize, which awards innovative longevity and medical research activists and scientists.

    Support the movement and let the future begin.
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